Tristit Browser

Tristit Browser Beta 1.02

Get access to free music, video, apps and more


  • Easy to use
  • Offers free music, images and videos
  • Integrated Google search


  • Quality and quantity of content isn't great
  • Bugs

Not bad

Tristit Browser provides a gateway to a selection of free web and multimedia content for your mobile phone.

Through a well organized, easy-to-use interface, Tristit Browser offers you news, music, photos, apps, videos and live TV. There's also a Google search facility and a store where you can purchase videos and download them to your mobile device.

Although a wide selection of different types of content is available through Tristit Browser, the quality of this content isn't that great. For example, the downloadable music on offer doesn't feature any well-known artists, the videos are generally just about extreme sports, and the live TV channel is laden with adverts and movie trailers. At the time of writing there are only six programs in the apps section.

Tristit Browser includes an 'Info' section with a bizarre mix of articles. You'll find a list of English words and their definitions, a small selection of cooking recipes, and a guide to different sports. Just as the rest of the Tristit Browser app, this content all seems a bit random and thrown together.

You should note too that Tristit Browser is still in beta release, meaning that it's not as stable as it could be. We were given error messages when trying to download music and videos, and this even led to the app force-closing on occasions.

Tristit Browser offers a simple way to get your hands on free web content. Unfortunately, the selection of content available isn't that great.

Tristit Browser


Tristit Browser Beta 1.02

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